Wednesday, August 30, 2006


Okays. what i'm knitting is central park hoodie. and this is what it looks like =

And this is one of the main reasons I'm not knitting. . .. I have 5 weeks to finnish all of these ;_; but they're good books!

My mom got me this book called "generation T" so this is what I did. . . I took this T-shirt and did this to it > and

and then I took the back of it and did THIS. . . there were a lot of stains so I had to doodle a lot ;_;

and then I took a snake patterened T and did this and

I think I like this book ^ ^

Monday, August 28, 2006

One addition

I'm still not knitting much. But I made this a week or so ago.

It's 'Perdita' from

Friday, August 18, 2006

Setting down the needles

I've been under the weather lately and have decided to set down the needles for awhile.

Don't worry! I'll be back :)

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Update and downdate

These are old, but I was never able to photo them well because I didn't know there was a self-timer. >_>

and chinese jacket (I love this, it's so soft!!!!)

and now this is an UP date
here's my cute little rasta earrings (crocheted)

and my Aran top!!!!!!

"Aran Tee"
Pattern by Micheal Kors
Available in Vogue Knitting
4 1/2 skeins Wool-ease in Fisherman#99
Sizes 8 needles
Size Small

Friday, August 11, 2006


Today was my mum's birthday. So I got on the phone with my boyfriend and made a sushi cake!!! aren't you proud? :D and they don't taste posionous.

Oh, and I had to take a picture with the back of the shirt pinned XD I know, I'm obsessed with this thing.

I've already started on my list for what I'm going to make for christmast gifts. If you guys have any good ideas, or just ideas, let me know!

almost done. .

just have to crochet a long the neckline of the skull sweater ._.

I made these wrist warmers in 4 hours, they're hand painted yarn from Dancing leaf farm that I got at sheep & wool

Aran tee so far, I forgot the pattern at my kung fu school, so I have to wait to bind off the sleeve correctly -.-

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Aran Tee plus Skully Sweater

Okay, so for the neck I just crocheted it to make it smaller and in the back I did DC and the front SC so that the back wasn't swooped down so low. All in all, I think the neck is now the right size and I'm sort of fond of the crochet. But I'm willing to rip it out and knit it if Rox wants.

And here is the progress on my Aran Tee.

I love it, it's so easy and fast!

Monday, August 07, 2006

Sci fi

I joined an awesome KAL

It's the SCI FI KAL! yiiiissssss
I'm Chiana -woot- it would have been either her or Dargo.

Neck & sleeve

Here's the neck.

7 1/2" laid out, but it looks like 20" around. yikes

and here's the upper part of the sleeve

about 5" and that means it's about 10" around. It should be good, I tried it on my arm before I sewed it on the body and it fit.

Wrist is 7" and length of arm is 14" and the armhole itself is about 11"

I love this yarn, I think I'm going to go buy some and knit up Mariah

More photos+

The sleeve isn't wrinkly or wonky looking in real life. Just did that for the pics.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Aran Tee

Yes, I'm still working on my sock and icarus shawl (and sleeves!)

But I needed this as my wind-down, because the others get so boring. :p

I LOVE CABLING! It is so great, I don't get bored with it, but it's easy enough to do while blanked out watching the TV. :)
I'm using LB's Wool-ease, it was in my stash.

:) so preeetttyyyy

Friday, August 04, 2006


I think I'm a compulsive Caster oner ._.

I HAVE TO CAST ON FOR SOMETHING, even though I'm not done with my other projects XD


I'm wearing this shirt right now, it took me less than a day to knit. It's a little short because I made it out of scrap yarn so I didn't quite have enough >_> But I love it anyway, my mom says I look like Jane. . . -makes gorilla face- I used roughly 2 skeins of Lion Brand's Incredible yarn in color "accent on Black". The pattern is from Loop-d-loop

OH MAN, our neighbours were moving. And they had all of this stuff on the curb! And so we couldn't let it go to waste, we did wait until it was almost time for pick up, just to make sure :p but my dad went over. . and he opened this huge bag and said "oh, I think there's yarn in here"

So it's all cheap yarn, and this use to be twice as full (I took out the stuff I didn't like and donated it)

I'm doing a lot of worsted weight projects :p

Here's my bellydancing stuffs I made, I used some random black worsted weight + Lion brand homespun + belly coins and an H crochet hook

I also finnished the first sock for my dad, they're really big on me, but he has wide feet. So it should fit. . . I think I'm going to run out of yarn for the second one though :/ It's knit in a non-sock yarn. teehee, Nashua's "June" & size 2 needles

And I got ahold of some china markers. .. and well, late at night I doodled on the cup from my 1 year anniversary (no, not marriage)

The end :)