Friday, April 27, 2007

yays top

I took an L t-shirt and ripped it up to create this. The shirt is from New Moon by the way. I found it sorta of amusing to have a really skimpy top with that line "If the definition of beautiful gets any thinner, no one will fit"

so I basically just ripped off the bottom 7 inches of the shirt, then I cut off the sleeves and neck line and then I cut the back and then sorta just cut it around so it would cover my boob right. Then I just poked holes and strung it up so it looked good. Though I left the very bottom with just one cut 'cause then I could tie it better.

Don't ask me, I just winged it :p

Monday, April 16, 2007

Zion hats!

okay, so I crocheted a few new hats, the Angry lion one is inspired from Stephen Marley's song "Iron bars" which has a line that goes "let me out, let me out, I'ma angry lion". It's my favourite hat so far ^ ^ I wore it to a yearbook meeting for my school and got offered $20 to make one in black. So I did

Reggae quote pants

I went insane, and I have so many damn pictures that I decided to post them all, so I'm going to skip the whole text thing and let you enjoy. Yeah, they're all quotes from reggae songs.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Dum dum dum sewing design

I want to reconstruct some black jeans or something. . . which is actually harder than one might think. . . mainly because there are none in my household.

So once I buy the stuff this is what I'm gonna do!!!

and yeah, I was bored. . . hence the pink shirt and blue dreads ^ ^;;;
What I plan on doing is buying red and green fabric and then cutting it out so that it widens on the end. Then slicing up the pant's sides and stitching the stripes in. THEN I was gonna cut off the top of the pants and make sorta a "wrap belt" so that it wrapped around the waist and buttoned on the side, that way I can stencil JAMAICA on it without having any zipper breaks. . . I will have a zipper though, which will be stitched under the wrap part.
Then I'ma make my awesome rasta and jamaican flag pockets.
yaup yaup, this is gonna rock.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007


So i said I would post ALL of my hats up here. . uhm. . . I sorta gave away almost all of them
But I have three left to show you!!