Thursday, August 30, 2007

I know, I know

I haven't updated in forever, I've been really busy plus my camera cable decided to die.
Anyway, the news is I knit/crocheted an AWESOME tam for my boyfriend that HE designed ( I'm going to knit him a jacket that he also designed for christmas, and a pair of gloves that we both sorta came up with together). Then I knit a goorgeous autumn jacket. I promise I'll try and post pictures soon. The jacket is really really gorgeous, it even looks beautiful on a hanger (not that I use hangers¬_¬) Right now I'm working on the Celtic Icon sweater that i think I posted a picture awhile back of the finnished design... I'm doing mine in black and red, I'm almost done with the back and the cable is so beautiful.

On other news, I'm entering 10 different knitted and crocheted pieces into the local County Fair. I was way too afraid to enter any of my art because it's just hung out in the open and I'm worried that it would fall and break, thankfully the knitting and crochted items are behind glass cases. So wish me luck!

And of course on a non-knitting subject, I finnished my over the summer intensive Chinese class (16 hours a week for 7 weeks... yeah it was amazing). It was exremely sad to have to say good bye to our AMAZING teacher! She was just the best everrr, we gave both our teacher and her assistant many gifts and both of them cried while saying good bye. We were so sad that we wouldn't see our teacher again even though we would be taking Chinese in the fall, we'd have a different teacher. BUT THEN! the head of the college got our teacher to come back and we got to have her again!! yayayyy!! So I'm taking some college classes now and can say I'm in two colleges ;) ;) yaup, the end

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