Thursday, May 08, 2008


I have been terribly busy with school work as of late and all my crafting has sort of been put on hold. Not to mention I just started a year long process of testing for my black belt in my kung fu school. I recently got a job as well, which aids to my education since I am paying for all my classes right now. I am also using my money to purchase a lovely Djembe from my african drum teacher!!! it's around $400 but it's definatley worth it. :)
I have actually sewed quite a bit lately since I got a sewing machine for my birthday. I made an infinity dress, a pair of pants, a couple of tops, and a cute cover up skirt for my friend's bikini bottom.
Of course, I don't have pictures -.-
I am also saving up for a laptop so I can have an actual database in which to upload those things :p
ahhh money.

Finals are next week though! so I will have an entire week off before my summer semester starts! Hopefully that will result in crafting some awesome items inbetween then.