Tuesday, October 10, 2006


The final release!

XS, S, M, L (shown in size M) For additional sizes, subtract or add by
multiples of 14, be aware that the skirt should fit snugly and you should
not change the number unless your hip measurements vary by more than 3
inches. You also can add elastic to insure staying power!

Waist: 27[30, 33, 36] inches
Length: 11[11, 11, 11] inches

[MC] Patons Brilliant [69% Acrylic 19% Nylon 12% Polyester; 166 yd/151.79m
per 50g skein]; Radiant Red; 2[2, 3, 4] skeins
[CC] Patons Brilliant [69% Acrylic 19% Nylon 12% Polyester; 166 yd/151.79m
per 50g skein]; Black Dazzle; 2[2, 2, 3] skeins
feel free to edge in stash yarn of your own. I used Lion brand's "Fun fur"
1 16-inch US #3/3.25mm circular needle
1 26-inch US #8/5mm circular needle
1 US L/11 /8mm Crochet Hook
notions required
stitch marker
Elastic (optional)

26 sts/36 rows = 4" in Ribbing using smaller needles
18 sts/24 rows = 4" in stockinette stitch using larger needles and 2 strands
of MC held together

I know that some of you might not know how to crochet, and the fringe in
completely optional, since this is designed to be a stash knit, feel free to
add any leftovers you have for fringe, in the skirt shown here I used
leftover Fun fur and single crocheted around the edge.

With smaller needles and CC, cast on 112[126, 140, 154] sts, pm
join, being careful not to twist yarn. *k2, p2* rep ** across
Continue in ribbing pattern until piece measures 3.5 inches (9.5 cm)
Changing to larger needles, use 2 strands of MC, *k140* rep ** 11x more
R1, drop 1 strand and knit 2 rows
R2, pick up both strands and *k140* rep ** 10x more
Begin Pleat
R1, with 1 strand of MC *k14 inc pw* rep ** across
R2, *k14 m1pw p1 m1pw* rep ** across
R3, *k14 inc pw p1 inc pw* rep ** across
R4, *k14 p5* rep ** across
R5, *k14 inc pw p3 inc pw* rep ** across
R6, *k14 p7* rep ** across
R7, *k14 inc pw p5 inc pw* rep ** across
R8, *k14 p9* rep ** across
R9, rep R8
R10, *k14 inc pw p9 inc pw* rep ** across
R11, *k14 p11* rep ** across
R12, rep R11
R13, *k14 inc pw p9 inc pw* rep ** across
R14, *k14 p13* rep across
R15, with CC *k14 p13* rep ** across
R16, *k14 inc pw p11 inc pw* rep ** across
R17, rep R16
R18, rep R17
R19, *k14 in pw p13 inc pw* rep ** across
R20, *k14 p15* rep ** across rep R20 until black pleated section measure 2
Bind off
FINISHING (optional)
(For the Crochet newbie these might help, single crochet
http://www.crochetme.com/tutorial_sc.html and chain stitch
1st level, With MC and crochet hook go to the end of the red section,
*single crochet into the first p stitch, chain 11, single crochet into the
last p stitch* rep ** across row
2nd level, *single crochet into the 6th chain stitch chain 11, single
crochet into the 6th chain stitch on the next loop* rep ** across
3rd level, rep the previous level.
If adding elastic, cut elastic 2" LESS than waist measurements. Sew on
Weave in ends
Show it off!!


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