Tuesday, July 11, 2006


I'm really addicted to this blog now -sigh-
Anyway, so I'm about 3 inches into the Adrienne shirt. "Nicole 1" I think it's called. I photographed my dressmaker's doll with my knitted designs, so I can submit it to Knitty.com :/ I didn't think of that solution until it was past the deadline (july 1st) so I'll submit and have to wait until dec. -cries- Oh well, patience, right?
I haven't been working on my icarus shawl really, it's sort of the bottom dweller in my knitting bag (it's more like a body bag). I want to work on it, but I also have to juggle doing my homework in time. And now I have to fill out my home-visit form for the homeschooling group I'm in; but that's not much work at all.

Yay, I only have 7 more essays to write for Chinese history class. Yippie. I'm reading the Three Kingdoms, it's fun! There are a lot of people though >_> a tad bit confusing at times, it reminds me of when I read the iliad, but it's an easier read, at least concerning format, it's more like the odyssey(sp?).

Yeah, okay, kung fu was pretty cool today. We did lion dance and stuffs, no weapons though. My dad pretested for his black belt! Shifu wants me and my brother to help him with training since we're not testing. I think it'll be fun, probably by the time my dad is done testing, I might start. I guess it depends on how long the testing runs, if it's 12 monthes, than I'll do it, 9? I don't know, maybe. I'll probably wait until june 2006. Maybe even a couple of years. . . I don't really want to be testing anytime soon, but I certainly welcome the extra training we have to do!! :D This will be sweet because I get all the nice hard work without the stress of testing. I'll be like muscle-queen and pound everyone into the ground when I finally test XD Okay, I probably won't be that good. So now everytime we break during a class (except if he has us putting our sparring gear on) I'm going to make my dad do a form with me :) He's just going to love me nagging on him to practice.
I have every right to rant about martial arts on this blog because it is titled "Knit with weapons!" So I wrote the knitting, now I'm doing the weapon part ^.^
I love being inside the Lion head, it's awesome. I just love messing around with the eyes and the mouth; though I have no idea if it looks good or not :p
I should post pictures of YongSeok dressed as the monkey king! He looked so awesome in the parade!

okay, rant done. Now continue with your knitting


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